Game of Thrones: Peter Dinklage Hula-Hoops Like a Boss! Plus, Season 4 Casting News

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Peter Dinklage, Twit Pic, Hula Hoop
Peter Dinklage, Twit Pic, Hula Hoop Courtesy: Bryton K.

Every once in a while the Internet Gods bestow upon us a rare and glorious gift.

Behold! Take a look at these breath-taking pictures of Game of Thrones stars Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey dancing in a Canadian gay bar with light-up rainbow hula-hoops. No need to rub your eyes. You read that last sentence correctly.

While you are taking a minute to process all of the overwhelming awesomeness, we'll go ahead and give you a little bit of background as to where these magnificent photos came from. Plus, we've got casting scoop on a brand new character set to join the HBO smash when the series returns for its fourth season!

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Lena Headey, Twit Pic, Hula Hoop Courtesy: Bryton K.

Reddit user Bryton actually posted these fun-loving pics nearly four months ago when he was working at a bar in The Great White North. (We're talking Canada people, not beyond the wall!) But for some reason the photos are just now starting to surface. We don't care if they're late, we're just glad that they're here!

Bryton, Twit Pic, Hula Hoop Courtesy: Bryton K.

The fan exclusively told us that the Lannister siblings stopped by the bar to blow off a little King's Landing steam and see a drag show. He revealed, "Peter and Lena were super nice to our staff at Twisted Element here in Calgary. It's nice seeing that even though they're rather famous they still treated us with respect and just wanted to have some fun!"

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Joseph Gatt Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Oh, but that's not all! E! News has confirmed that British actor Joseph Gatt has joined the Game of Thrones' fourth season. Unfortunately the details surrounding his character are being kept on severe lockdown, as always. We've done a little digging, and according to the rabid GOT fans that rule the interwebs (and his IMDb page), Gatt would be a perfect fit for Styr, Magnar of Thenn, a wildling war chief who leads an attack on Castle Black. Fingers crossed because that sounds epic!

Anyways, in conclusion, thank you for sharing, dear Reddit user. We can now sleep soundly knowing that these Game of Thrones stars greatly excel in glow-in-the dark hula-hoopery. A feat that clearly every Lannister family member must master at a young age. Your move, Ser Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). Your move.

Game of Thrones charges back into our lives in 2014 on HBO!

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