Prince, Dave Chapelle


Forget "Purple Rain." Who needs "Kiss"?

Prince's best work yet is the hilarious cover art for his new song "Breakfast Can Wait"!

Prince took to Twitter recently to share the funny photo that accompanies his new single. The image in question is a shot of comedian Dave Chappelle dressed up as Prince from one of his The Chappelle Show skits. And yes, it's amazing.

In the cover art, Chappelle wears a frilly, layered purple look with curly black hair while staring longingly into the camera. Beside him—and under the song title "Breakfast Can Wait"—sits a plate of pancakes.


Prince tweeted the hilarious pic a few days ago with a link to a YouTube clip of the song and the caption, "Game: Blouses."

What do you think of Prince's funny cover art? Sound off below.

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