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    Matt Damon Almost Saves Stephen Colbert’s Life, Gets Broken Up With By President Obama

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    The Colbert Report
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    You can't win them all.    

    Matt Damon did however, win over Stephen Colbert…when he almost saved his life (sort of). 

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    Matt Damon
    Matt Damon Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

    After getting trapped underneath a soda machine on a skit for The Colbert Report, the funnyman started yelling, "Help! Help! Somebody famous!"

    And out popped Damon.

    "This is so great. I've always wanted to be saved by a big star," Colbert said. "You are big, right?"

    "Yeah, however Hollywood's measuring that this week," Damon replied, as he tried to free Colbert. 

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    Stephen Colbert Comedy Central

    As he continued to try to get Colbert up from under the soda machine, Colbert started ripping on Damon's most recent projects (i.e. Promised Land and Behind the Candelabra), prompting Damon to sit on the soda machine and dish on his latest big-budget flick Elysium (while squishing Colbert who was still underneath it).

    Damon's spiel seemed to be satisfying enough for Colbert, who started interviewing him about the flick, and said, "I can't wait to go see it as soon as you get this vending machine off my internal organs."

    Colbert waited too long though.

    Jimmy Kimmel had gotten his head stuck in a mayonnaise jar and called Damon to free him.

    Meanwhile, it appears President Barack Obama and Damon are no longer buds.

    "He broke up with me," Damon told BET. "There are a lot of things that I really question, you know: the legality of the drone strikes, and these NSA revelations are… Jimmy Carter came out and said we don't live in a democracy. That's a little intense when an ex-president says that."

    "So, you know, he's got some, some explaining to do, particularly for a constitutional law professor," Damon continued.

    While Obama hasn't commented on his former supporter's most recent comments, he did reference the actor at the White House Correspondents' dinner in 2011, saying, "Matt Damon said he was disappointed in my performance. Well, Matt, I just saw The Adjustment Bureau so right back atcha, buddy!"

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