Even when Selena Gomez is acting in a serious role, she makes sure to sneak in some silly fun in between takes!

On Thursday, the 21-year-old actress shared behind the scenes clip from her upcoming movie Getaway. In the adorably candid self-shot video, Selena breaks into a complete giggle fit as two crewmembers good-naturedly bicker while she waits in the backseat of a car for her scene to film.

Selena's laughter starts when one of the guys questions why the floor of the backseat "is always wet." When the "germaphobe," as she describes him, continues to investigate the seat situation, his fellow crewmember continues to teasingly mock him.

"He just called you a baby sleeping!" Selena says, cracking up even more as the guys go back and forth. "He's just going!" she says. "He doesn't stop!"

The man in the backseat quips that he's "already forgotten what we're supposed to shoot," adding, "Selena Gomez made me lose my entire concentration!"

Through her laughter, Selena says, "Oh, my gosh! This is the best footage ever. If this doesn't make behind the scenes I'm gonna kill someone!"

Getaway, Selena Gomez, Ethan Hawke

Warner Bros.

But Selena has to go from silly to serious in a snap, because at the end of the clip, someone announces that the cameras are rolling and it's time to resume filming!

To see how that turns out, we'll have to wait until Aug. 30, 2013 when Getaway hits theaters. Ethan Hawke stars alongside Selena in the action thriller, and the duo must work together against the clock to stop a ruthless kidnapper. 

Sounds good, but it definitely won't have as many giggles as the BTS clip!

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