Once in awhile, we stumble across a video containing a mystery that begs to be solved. Other times, we stumble across an empty fried chicken bucket. Today, we stumbled upon both and landed face first in eleven herbs and spices of Youtube mystery.

A local reporter on the scene walks us through the deep fried facts of this finger lickin' conundrum with a side order of WTF biscuits.

Now let's review the evidence:

-According to the reporter's demonstration, the bucket is NOT easy to move. She knows this because she tried.

-Although the landloard only appears briefly, we know the he just happens to collects stuff like this giant bucket.

-Finally, the landlord bears an uncanny resemblance to beloved Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Sanders.

Our conclusion? It was probably just a friend who put the bucket there--the same friend who pranked her by making sure her electrical wiring, plumbing, and gas lines were up to code. The same friend she pays rent to every month. Her landlord...Or aliens put it there. One of the two.

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