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Jason Sudeikis Confirms Saturday Night Live Exit

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Break our hearts, Jason Sudeikis. What are you going to do without Saturday Night Live, huh? It's not like you have a really hot fiancée to go home…oh.

Regardless of the fact that the SNL vet gets to make out with Olivia Wilde whenever he wants, it's still sad to hear Sudeikis say officially that he will not be back to studio 8H in the fall.

While promoting his new flick We're the Millers on The Late Show, the Bad Bosses star confirmed the rumors that have been floating around all summer about his exit.

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"I'm definitely done," he told David Letterman. "I'm gonna leave. I'm not coming back next fall."

He also told the late-night host that right now, he doesn't feel weird about not coming back to SNL, but next month might be a different story.

"You'll start to get that itch probably in August where all these sketch ideas will show up and I'll be like, 'Well, can I make this sketch idea last 90 minutes and turn it into a movie?!' Probably not," he jokes. As long as you make it more like the original Wayne's World and less like It's Pat, we'll be all right.

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And there is no bad blood here between the show and Sudeikis, who calls his experience on the sketch series "fantastic."

"It's been really, really amazing. I was very, very lucky," he says.

During an interview with Modern Luxury Manhattan that was released at the beginning of July, Sudeikis showed a very emotional side while talking about the place he called home for 10 years.

"You never really leave that place, and it never leaves you," he said, "It's an emotional journey getting through a season, much less the final one."

Sudeikis' exit follows those of fellow castmembers Bill Hader and Fred Armisen, who announced their departure from SNL this year.

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