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Photobomber Steals the Spotlight at Anthony Weiner's Sexting Press Conference

Anthony Weiner NY 1

The fact that former Congressman Anthony Weiner, at one point, sent a series of pictures of his wiener and that a person named Weiner sending pictures of his wiener easily provides for really punny headlines is old news.

Which might be why it was so easy for someone to steal the spotlight from him at today's press conference. And so one mysterious man did just that, when he photobombed Weiner's speech.

In the press conference, Weiner explained that he was surprised the newly leaked pics hadn't leaked earlier, called his behavior "problematic, to say the least. Destructive, to say the most" and promised that his sexting days were behind him.

Meanwhile, the mysterious photobomber, who Business Insider's Brett Logiurato has identified as a freelance photographer, popped up and down in a cubicle behind the podium repeatedly.

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Weiner said, "Let me just sorry I am to the people who got these messages for any inconvenience or embarrassment they caused."

The photobomber popped up.

Weiner, who is currently running for mayor of New York, said he is not dropping out of the race and asked New Yorkers to do like his wife, which in this case does not mean shift awkwardly on the spot, look bored and occasionally half-smile. He means to give him a second chance.

The photobomber popped down.

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Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, who admitted she was "very nervous," spoke as well, to say that their "marriage, like many others, has had its ups"—the honeymoon?—"and its downs"—your husband sending other women pictures of his junk.

The photobomber...waved.

Anthony Weiner NY 1

Waved at who? Anthony Weiner? Weiner's wiener? The world? Probably the  Because he's a star now.

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