"You're either going to work for somebody else and the dream they started, or you could turn some impossible thing possible."

That's what will.i.am had in mind when he started his groundbreaking career and it's the true essence of what makes a pop innovator.

In the first episode of E!'s brand-new Pop Innovators biography series, will.i.am gives us an inside look on his musical vision and gives exclusive details on how he has created a unique synthesis of art and commerce.

Fergie and apl.de.ap from will's days with The Black Eyed Peas talk about their experiences with him and his view on the music industry. People from his past and present will be giving us a fresh new persepctive on his career so far!

Tune in this Sunday, July 14 at 8/7c to watch E!'s new Pop Innovator series!

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