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Naked Project Runway Billboard Banned in Los Angeles—but See It Here!

Project Runway Lifetime

Maybe figuring there's already enough traffic in Los Angeles, officials refused to make this work.

The city has banned a racy new billboard teasing the upcoming 12th season of Project Runway due to the bevy of naked ladies and gents resting at host Heidi Klum's feet as she sits, Marie Antoinette-like, on a throne with mentor Tim Gunn by her side.

Obviously those models are in dire need of new looks that can be provided by a bunch of aspiring fashion designers!

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Of course, the ban merely means that the billboard in question won't be joining the ads pushing clubs, booze, underwear and other items that need scantily clad women in order to get their messages across that already dot Sunset Boulevard.

And it's hard to forget the billboard plastered with the March 2006 Vanity Fair cover featuring a nude Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson lounging with a fully clothed Tom Ford, Johansson's naked bum providing quite the eyeful for eastbound drivers.

But, though it hasn't explained its current decision in detail, the city retains the right to prohibit "obscene matters" from being exhibited in public view.

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According to TooFab, which first reported the ban, a version in which Heidi's adoring subjects are wearing underwear will be used in L.A. instead—and New York will stick with the racier version.

Thank you, Mood!

Project Runway returns to Lifetime on July 18.

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