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Some people hide behind the anonymity of a computer screen, but Chrissy Teigen puts it all out there.

John Legends fiancée recently posed completely naked for GQ magazine's July issue. Despite the fact that Chrissy is, um, a freaking swimsuit model, someunhappy tweeters took it upon themselves to attack her looks.

But as we have all learned, the Model Behavior host isn't the type to back down in a confrontation. She posted a screengrab of one tweeter urging her multiple times to "keep your clothes on" because she was "not sexy and all" and "[looks] like a vertical Park Bench." 

"Such devotion to a lame dis," she noted, mock-applauding the tweeter, whose avatar is a dollar sign. But then, Chrissy got a little more serious.

"Really tired of men being such critical pricks," she wrote. "Seriously. All day I just get jabs about my face and body from men."

"I know it seems so stupid but reading s--t like this all day every day," she continued. "F--k off, already."

"It's easy to tell someone not to care," she tweeted, adding, "But the fact is, it gets to me. Sigh. Rant done."

Girl, rant away. We all have feelings! Everyone else: Let's stop being snarky about everybody's looks.

Remember: Don't hate. Appreciate.

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