Pamela Anderson

Whittle/Splash News

Pamela Anderson called me to talk about wieners!

The buxom blonde and PETA activist says she's horrified by rumors spreading on the Internet that she was recently caught—and photographed—eating a meat hotdog at her sons’ baseball game near their home in Malibu.

“It’s like Hotdoggate,” she said with a laugh on the phone from Washington, D.C. (she’s there to attend tomorrow's White House Correspondents Dinner).

“Clearly, it’s a veggie dog. They've been serving veggie dogs and veggie burgers at my kids’ baseball games for years now.”

Anderson was a driving force to get the ballpark to offer meat alternatives. She says, “Lovely John, who runs the hotdog stand there from the Kiwanis Club, has been so wonderful to me and my kids.”

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