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This week, we're ramping up for a glamorous summer season packed with style. 

One the beauty front, we've lightened up our skin care routine with a delightful face serum packed with antioxidants, and pared down our hair essentials to just one multi-tasking shampoo formulated by an industry pro. 

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And since we're now well into wedding season, we've shopping for (or rather, renting!) festive frocks online, which saves time and money, without skimping an ounce on style.

We're also wildly obsessed with a luxe line of false lashes for a picture-perfect look at every occasion. 

And finally, for leisurely weekend parties, we're eyeing a pair of purr-fectly adorable animal print shorts that pairs well with tanks, tees and everything in between. 

What are you obsessed with this week?

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