Mariah Carey appears to have encountered a setback in her recovery.

Nearly a month after she was first released from a Connecticut clinic, the troubled songbird has reportedly returned to a hospital. Various media outlets are reporting Carey has been admitted to UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles for further treatment following her mental breakdown in July.

Carey's publicist, Cindi Berger, refused to comment Thursday on where the singer is currently staying. But the New York Daily News reports that Carey suffered a relapse and returned to the hospital, even after spending a restful Labor Day weekend at the posh Bacara resort in Santa Barbara.

"She has had an emotional setback," one anonymous industry source told the Daily News.

Entertainment Tonight also reported Wednesday that there was speculation Carey had entered UCLA Medical Center, while Us Weekly magazine is said to be prepping its own story on Carey's purported relapse.

The news comes just a day after Berger postponed Carey's much-anticipated 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters, scheduled to take place later this week and air September 12 on ABC. Berger said Carey "needs more time to rest," adding only that the diva was recuperating in an undisclosed location.

The Walters interview was supposed to help kick off Carey's return to the spotlight after she was first hospitalized July 25 for an "emotional and physical breakdown." Twentieth Century Fox was prepping its own media blitz for Carey's new film, Glitter, which was already pushed back from Labor Day weekend to September 21 to accommodate the ailing 31-year-old singer. Carey's soundtrack for Virgin Records is due in stores next Tuesday.

Berger said Carey also postponed a September 14 appearance on The Tonight Show to promote Glitter.

Up to this point, Carey appeared to be on the road to recovery. The Daily News contends she spent at least a week at the Bacara resort--where she was seen getting pampered, smiling, graciously signing autographs for kids and eating breakfast in high heels.

But the paper also speculated she might've tried to return to work too soon. Another anonymous industry source told the paper that Carey had already been meeting with Virgin Records execs, but "apparently she simply wasn't ready for that."

Carey was first hospitalized July 25, after her publicist said she suffered a breakdown stemming from an exhausting schedule completing Glitter and its accompanying soundtrack. Carey also had just finished shooting another film, Wisegirls, costarring Mira Sorvino.

Carey was released from psychiatric care at a Connecticut hospital last month. Since then, Carey has remained virtually out of sight, save for a brief public appearance at her New York camp for disadvantaged kids, Camp Mariah.

But she has kept in constant touch with fans, leaving several thankful audio messages on her official Website,, saying (among other things) "thank you for getting me through everything" and letting them know "I am taking care of myself" and "you definitely can't believe everything you read." Her last message came August 26, when Carey left a message expressing sympathy over the death of singer-actress Aaliyah.

"Life is really, really precious," she said. "I just want to send out my deepest sympathy and love to Aaliyah and her family. And, um, that's the most important thing, life and appreciating it. B'bye."