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    Ellen DeGeneres Celebrates Steve Harvey's Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame: "I Tried to Back Out"

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    Steve Harvey
    Steve Harvey Jason Kempin/Getty Images

    Feel free to walk all over Steve Harvey.

    The comedian, sporting a bright yellow suit, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today—and this great honor had nothing to do with luck, Harvey explains to E! News.

    "People call it luck, but what luck actually is—luck is when hard work runs up into opportunity and people describe it as luck," he tells us.

    "I do work very hard, I kid you not—but I'm also a recipient of a lot of grace and mercy. God has given me much favor to be here. But the rest of it is hard work and that combination. It's such a reward that has paid off. It's so rewarding."

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    Along with numerous fans, some of Steve's celebrity friends stopped by to says some kind words about the actor. Or just to crack some jokes, in Ellen DeGeneres case.

    "When they asked me to come and do this today, I didn't have to think—I said yes right away, then I realized that I wasn't getting paid and I tried to back out, but I couldn't, it was too late. So I'm here," the veteran talk show host said.

    "Today I am here and this is not going to be a bunch of jokes about your mustache, and I'm not gonna be here long because it's like 108 degrees and the last thing I want is for your mustache to get frizzy," DeGeneres quipped, before adding, "I read your book, it did not help me get a man, but I liked it. I thought it was good."

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    Once Harvey took the podium, he reminisced about starting his career in Los Angeles. Getting to this point, he said, "is nothing short of a minor miracle."

    He also acknowledged his kids, who had to sacrifice time with their father so that he could "turn myself into something in hopes that one day I could give them something." Harvey also gave an extra-special shout-out to his wife, Marjorie, telling the crowd, "The Lord saved my soul, Marjorie saved my life."


    Watch the clip to hear more of what Harvey had to say during his proud moment.

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