Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull are at it again with a new song for summer!

On Wednesday, the duo debuted their new dance single "#LIVEITUP." (Yes, there's actually a hashtag in the title. #Cool #new #trend #or #just #annoying?)

Well, the upbeat, heavily autotuned track is pretty straightforward, bouncing between J.Lo and Pitbull proclaiming their excitement for living it up and hitting the dance floor.

One Lopez-sung lyric goes: "Turn up this mother, and let it play/ I know you like my bumper, don't be ashamed/ Don't even wonder, it's just a game/We're rocking body to body let's go insane."

"Make love. Don't fight," Pitbull says several times throughout the song. "Let's f--k tonight."

Not to worry though, J.Lovers and Pitbull pups: This version is safe for work!

What do you think of "#LIVEITUP"? Sound off in the comments.

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