Emily Vancamp, Revenge


Looks like Revenge boss Mike Kelley isn't the only one leaving Revenge.

Sources tell me exclusively that as part of the "house cleaning" on the ABC drama—which includes a change in showrunner—Revenge will be killing off a series regular who has been there since the pilot. This core member of the cast will make his or her final appearance in the May 12 season finale.

"It's definitely the biggest death we've ever had on the show," says one Revenge insider. "The fans will be shocked."

Not as shell-shocked, though, as a certain love interest who will be left behind...and devastated.

The death also will set up a new (previously unscathed) character for his or her quest for vengeance.

Revenge, which enjoyed a 13 percent increase in the ratings for the most recent episode, has only two episodes left this season. And according to sources, there will be significant changes to the series when it comes back in the fall.

So...whip out your black Sharpies now and place your bets, Revengers! Who is going to die? Trust us, you will definitely want to tune in!

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