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Seth MacFarlane Back as Oscar Host? 5 Reasons Why We'd Like to See the Funnyman Return to the Academy Awards

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2013 Oscars Show, Seth MacFarlane
2013 Oscars Show, Seth MacFarlane Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Is it really sweeter the second time around?

Family Guy maestro Seth MacFarlane polarized both critics and audiences with his watercooler-worthy antics as host of the Academy Awards last February. And although the funnyman vowed he'd never return to the Oscar stage following the critical lashing he received, fans are abuzz after a Just Jared report surfaced this week claiming that MacFarlane has been asked to return for a second go-round as host.

"Given the fact that we just confirmed Craig Zadan and Neil Meron to produce, we understand how people might speculate in that fashion, but it's really way too early to have any idea who our host might be in 2014," an Academy spokesperson tells E! News. MacFarlane has yet to comment.

Got it. But since the hosting gig has yet to be decided, here are five reasons why we'd love to see the funnyman on an encore date with the golden guy.

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1. Because We Need to See "We Saw Your Junk": MacFarlane took a drubbing for his cheeky homage to onscreen female nudity in the opening number "We Saw Your Boobs," which was ripped by everyone from Jamie Lee Curtis and Jane Fonda to California lawmakers for what they deemed as its sexist slant. So, in the interest of equal-opportunity knocks, it's only fitting that the comedian take aim at Hollywood's male actors with a members-only number. (Michael Fassbender, you've been put on notice.)

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2013 Oscars Show, Channing Tatum, Charlize Theron Mark Davis/WireImage

2. Because We Need to Hear More From His Cat: Turns out, MacFarlane's most vocal champion wasn't a TV critic or a friendly celeb. It was his kitty. The day after the Oscar telecast, the comedian tweeted the final verdict on his performance, courtesy of his furry pal. "My cat said the show went well," he wrote, attaching a photo of the adorable feline. Can't wait to hear what li'l kitty might have to say about a redux. Bust out the claws!

3. Because Channing Tatum Obviously Knows a Few Other Dance Moves: Early on, MacFarlane turned the stage over to the Sexiest Man Alive, who opened the show with a lovely pas de deux with Charlize Theron as they hoofed it up, Fred Astaire-and- Ginger Rogers-style. Elegant, classy, timeless—sure. But really, we want to see Tatum segue from debonair bon vivant to bump-and-grind Magic Mike beefcake. C'mon, Seth: Let's have Channing put all that arduous Magic Mike research to good use.

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Tommy Lee Jones Youtube

4. Because We May Never, Ever See Tommy Lee Jones Laugh Again: The actor is notorious for giving tough interviews and for never cracking a smile—but apparently not when it comes to MacFarlane. The host made it his life's mission to get the Oscar winner to show some kind of warm-and-fuzzy emotion. And will you look at that? We think we see some actual teeth there from Señor Jones.

5. Because Sally Field Can't Help Getting Hot and Bothered by MacFarlane as the Flying Nun: Hallelujiah, indeed. 'Nuff said.

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