Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher


Carrie Underwood loves her career, but she's in love with husband Mike Fisher.

In a new interview with People, the 30-year-old "Blown Away" singer said if her man ever needed her to take a break from her music, she wouldn't even think twice.

"He knows [performing] is what I love, and he completely supports me in it, as I do him," she explained. "But if Mike ever told me he needed me to quit, I'd quit. When you make that promise to somebody, and you stand before God and your family and friends, you've got to do everything that you possibly can to make that work."

She also said while she's "never been the kind to think about kids," she does want a family with her 32-year-old hockey star hubby. "But I know Mike would be an incredible dad. Not that it's gonna happen any time soon!" she said. "It would be much better if at least one of us were in a more stable situation" before tackling parenthood…I know when we do have kids, it's gonna be wonderful. I'm excited about our new house and our farm. I dream about those things."

She credits complete trust for keeping her relationship with Mike happy and healthy. And the secret behind that good-girl image? She does cut loose, but said her wilder side "will only come out when I'm sure I'm safe" and she's careful not to put herself "in any kind of situation that somebody could misconstrue."

Smart woman!

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