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Prince Harry's U.S. Visit: "Nobody's Going to Be Getting Naked," Jokes Gov. Chris Christie

Prince Harry, Chris Christie Getty Images

New Jersey's rolling out the welcome mat for Prince Harry—just as long as he keeps his clothes on.

That's the promise at least from the state's larger-than-life Republican governor, Chris Christie.

When asked during a radio call-in Tuesday what he thinks of Harry's visit in May to areas hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, Christie assured a listener there won't be a repeat of the prince's notorious trip to Las Vegas last August when Harry was snapped in his birthday suit.

"I'm thrilled that he's willing to come," said the governor. "He wants to come and see the destruction himself, firsthand. He wants to be helpful. And I am going to be spending the entire day with Prince Harry. And believe me, nobody's going to get naked if I'm spending the entire day with Prince Harry."

Prince Harry returning to U.S. after Las Vegas naked photo scandal

Of course, the heavyset Christie could just as well have been poking fun at his own weight, which has been the talk of the Garden State ever since he was elected in 2010. 

But he made it clear such party antics will not be happening on his watch as Harry plans to be on his best behavior.

"The prince has said he apologizes for his conduct back then," added Christie. "Lots of young people make mistakes."

Along with touring the Jersey Shore, the 28-year-old Brit's East Coast swing will also include stops in New York and Washington, D.C.

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