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She may be "Born Free," but MIA's spawn is staying put in Brooklyn—at least for the foreseeable future.

The British-born singer-songwriter and Super Bowl bird flipper is lashing out on Twitter at her ex-partner, Seagram's heir Benjamin Bronfman, after a New York family court reportedly barred her from taking their 4-year-old son Ikhyd, from Brooklyn back to her native England.

"Ben you can't take my son away from me…Just because you have money doesn't mean you have the right," M.I.A. tweeted Wednesday, one of several that have since been deleted. "THE BRONFMANS WANT TO TAKE MY CHILD AWAY FROM ME. WHAT KIND OF S--T IS THAT? THEY NEVER SEE HIM."

She added: "Every child needs the MOTHER, I GREW UP WITHOUT A DAD."

The musician—whose family is Sri Lankan but moved to the U.K when she was 6 months old because of the civil war there—subsequently retweeted a number of remarks from fans expressing their support and blasting her baby daddy.

"The mother is way more important for a child than the father imo. He should think about that," read one message from a fan named Eggy.

Per the New York Post, a Kings County judge granted the temporary restraining order to the 30-year-old New York-born Bronfman after M.I.A. purportedly threatened to leave with Ikhyd even though he goes to school in Brooklyn.

News of of a potentially nasty custody battle comes a year after the duo announced they had split.

A rep for the "Paper Planes" crooner could not be reached for comment.

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