Bob Guiney, Brad Womack, Ben Flajnik, The Bachelor


Who would have thought we'd be living out our romantic desires every Monday night in front of a TV? For example, current Bachelor Sean Lowe is hurtling toward the finale and possibly an engagement, and we can't wait to see how it all plays out!

For over a decade, ABC has delivered an addicting reality phenomenon with The Bachelor. Time and time again, we've watched the drama, fights and flings unfold. Oh, and we can't forget the love that (sometimes) blossomed. After the final rose was given out and the cameras turned off, those hunky Bachelor men had to find other adventures to occupy their time that didn't involve a houseful of women. Have you ever wondered where they ended up? Aside from on Dancing with the Stars, of course.

After muttering the infamous five words "Will you accept this rose?" their lives have changed for better or worse, and we have a time capsule gallery that will catch you up on the latest!

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