And then there were two.

The Bachelor took a trip to the south of Thailand this week as Sean Lowe narrowed the search for his future wife down to two ladies, breaking one girl's heart in the process. "Last week was a good week," Sean previews. "I'm excited to spend this week with Lindsay, AshLee and Catherine," noting that he has "very strong feelings" for all of them even though they are all "so different."

Now that we're so close to the end, let's just get right to the dates, which all ended with the opportunity to head to the Fantasy Suite for the night…

Sean's first date is with Lindsay, who says she will tell Sean she is in love with him if the date goes well. "It's kind of hard to be looking as beautiful Thailand when I have this gorgeous guy next to me," Lindsay gushes. (Barf.)

The duo goes to a Thai market and though she says earlier she would not eat bugs, that's exactly what she ends up eating. "It looks like biology class," Lindsay jokes of her food. "I just ate a bug. That's out of control!" She then eats a grasshopper to prove her devotion and it works as Sean says he's closer to closer to falling in love.

Later, Sean and Lindsay have a cozy dinner. "I am so crazy in love with this man," Lindsay says, before telling her man that she'd be willing to move anywhere and that "can't wait to start their life together." Obviously, Lindsay agrees to go spend time with Sean in the Fantasy Suite and it's there that she finally says those three little huge words. "I love hearing you say that," the Bach replies.

Next up on Sean's to-do list is his date with AshLee, who says she's "so excited" to spend time in Thailand with the "love of my life." (Whoa, girl!) "I love Sean more than words can express." For their date, Sean wants to put her out of her comfort zone so she can "latch" onto him for support. His challenge? She has to swim through a cave with him to get to their date. "This is not a typical thing I would do and I am scared," AshLee says, adding that she has a fear of being abandoned. "I'm freaking out. This is just not my cup of tea. I don't do caves." Spoiler alert: They make it through and AshLee uses their journey as a metaphor for life and love, naturally.

For the night portion of their date, AshLee is "nervous" about the Fantasy Suite. "The idea of spending the night together, I don't take it lightly...I'm not willing to morally put myself out there and he's doing the same with the other two girls," she explains. Sean and AshLee gush about each other a lot before he gives her the big date card. "I'm falling in love with her," Sean says, before admitting he just wants to spend the whole night talking with her. "I just want to use this time to be that we can talk," he explains to AshLee, who says, "I don't want it to come across as that boundary that's crossed." Don't worry, she says yes.

So what do they end up talking about? AshLee tells Sean the exact engagement ring she wants and also provides the size of her ring finger. "This man has literally healed my broken heart," AshLee gushes. "I will do everything in my power to make sure that he's happy."

Catherine scores the final date with Sean and the pair boards a junk boat just to cruise around and explore. Though he really missed her, Sean still has questions about what Catherine wants from a relationship. "I realize I need my best friend and Catherine fits that mold perfectly, but I wonder if she can truly see herself settling down," Sean admits. 

When Sean asks her if she is willing to settle down in Dallas, Catherine says, "I'm pretty expired in Seattle right now," adding that she is definitely ready for marriage. With doubts about Catherine's commitment issues out of the way, she and Sean go snorkeling and make out a lot.

Later, Sean and Catherine sit down for an intimate dinner, where he asks her where she sees them in five years. Her answer? Marriage, a baby and happiness. "I can see myself marrying you," Sean admits to her. "You make me happy." Like AshLee, Catherine says she's "nervous" about the Fantasy Suite, but realizes she just wants to spend more time with him. Sean says he's attracted to her nervousness about the Fantasy Suite. "I fell in love with Sean today and I want Sean to be my husband," Catherine says.

Surprisingly, Sean knows which lady he is ready to say goodbye to pretty early on. "I woke up this morning knowing who I needed to send home," he says. "I know how special she is and how much she brings to the table, so a part of me thinks that you'll be a fool to let her go." But Sean is confident in his two other relationships, so he's ready to send the one lady home, which he admits will be "tough."

More than knowing who he is sending home, it seems Sean already knows which lady is The One. "I think I will get down on one knee," Sean tells Chris Harrison, adding that he's fallen in love with somebody. Whoa.

Finally the moment comes where Sean eliminates the girl he just knows he's not supposed to be with: AshLee. Yes, Sean sent AshLee home and she was "pissed," according to Lindsay. "I thought it was you from the very beginning," Sean explains, "and this was honestly the hardest decision I ever had to make. I think the world of you." Ashlee's response? A curt "alright" before hopping in the car. "It's hard to say goodbye to Sean because I loved him," AshLee says. "I just feel real heavy in my heart. It's the ultimate reject."

Were you shocked to see AshLee go, Bachelor Nation? Who do you think Sean will propose to: Catherine or Linsday? Sound off in the comments!

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