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Mark Wahlberg Possibly Drunk, Definitely Hilarious on The Graham Norton Show

Graham Norton, Mark Wahlberg

We're not saying Mark Wahlberg was drunk during his recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show. But as he says (slurs): "I feel really good."

He continued, "Why would you allow people to drink alcohol and come on a show in the evening? It's a recipe for disaster." Or a recipe for hilarity.

If you have 45 minutes free, the entire show is a goldmine. The Broken City star sips red wine (to which Graham exclaims, "I don't know what château that red wine came from, but my god!"), showcases his extensive knowledge of Wreck-It Ralph (Sarah Silverman is a guest) and, at one point, targets Michael Fassbender, "I heard he's good at voices. So if he's good at voices, I want to challenge you. I want to challenge you to a big d--k contest."

Check out a super buff Marky Mark in the Pain & Gain trailer!

If you only have a few minutes, watch the last video, where Mark commandeers a lever and all hell breaks loose.

For those who can't watch all the videos, here's the summary:

Mark was all like:

Mark Wahlberg GIF

Sarah was all like:

Mark Wahlberg GIF

And Michael was all like:

Mark Wahlberg GIF

Us too, Fassbender, us too.

So was he three sheets to the wind? We may never know. But Donnie Wahlbergexplained it this way: "Few people in the world know how funny, the funny side of, my lil' bro @mark_wahlberg actually is. Until tonight perhaps. He's a cheeky one."

And thus was born our new favorite excuse, "I'm not drunk! I'm just cheeky!"

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