Bad Romance Movies, Valentine's Day, Gigli, Norbit

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Hollywood, can we talk? We love you, we're faithful, we shower you with cash—and usually things are great with us. But then, you push us away. You hurt us real bad. We ask for romance, and you give us Gigli. And Valentine's Day. You call this love?!

Just admit it. You're cheating us with Good Luck Chuck and Norbit and numerous others. Each is like a poison arrow through our devastated hearts!

How many indiscretions has Hollywood committed? Too many to count! So we're listing the top 10 romance movies we hate. Read 'em and weep and maybe throw up a little.

Then hit the comments and rant about the bad Hollywood romances you've suffered. Sometimes the bitterness can hurt so good.

See our picks for the 10 worst romance movies

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