It appears lightning has struck Michael Jackson twice.

The highly flammable King of Pop, who once lit up a Pepsi commercial shoot when his hair caught fire, was treated for minor burns at a German hospital Sunday night, a report says.

The burns were sustained in a fireworks stunt at a Jackson-organized benefit concert in Munich's Olympic Stadium, a spokesman for the show promoter told Associated Press. It's unclear what part of Jackson was singed this time.

Previous reports out of Germany said Jackson, 40, had been admitted to the hospital for exhaustion. But AP says a hospital spokeswoman, who declined to be identified, confirmed Jackson was treated--and released--for burns. She termed the injuries "nothing serious."

In 1984, Jackson suffered second-degree burns to his scalp when his hair was ignited by a smoke bomb on the set of a Pepsi commercial.

On Sunday, Jacko was in superstar mode, hosting an international showcase of celebs, including Luther Vandross and Andrea Bocelli, for a children's benefit concert. He hosted a similar event Friday in South Korea.

The Munich event attracted more than 60,000 ticket holders, but not Luciano Pavarotti and Elizabeth Taylor who were last-minute scratches. A Taylor rep said the malady-prone actress was advised not to fly on account of recent sinus surgery. Pavarotti phoned in sick.

Earlier this month, it was Jackson who canceled on Pavarotti, bowing out of the opera star's own charity concert in Italy. Jacko claimed his infant son, Prince, had fallen ill with a high fever and seizures. Reports since have cast doubt on the sick-kid story, but Jacko has denied fibbing.