Rachel Dratch, Julia Roberts

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Love game shows? Love people with microphones screaming at you? Love Julia Roberts? Of course you do! So you'll love the Julia Roberts Obstacle Course, from Billy on the Street!

What's that you say? Behold the surreal giant-headed glory as Rachel Dratch (she of SNL fame) simultaneously maneuvers Julie Roberts trivia and lots and lots of sludge.

Comedic madman Billy Eichner's course comes complete with a sludge pool of Erin Brockovich's "agent Hexavalent chromium" (find Julia's Oscar!), a few jabs at Ms. Robert's less successful films (a drop of doom for Mirror Mirror and pile of poo for Valentine's Day) and, of course, an attack by "Sandra Bullock."

But our favorite part? Billy pouring a glass of orange juice down Rachel's throat while screaming, "Drink the juice, Shelby! Drink the juice!" (An almost-accurate Steel Magnolia's reference, but you knew that.) 

Billy on the Streets airs Friday nights on Fuse!

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