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    New Star Wars Movies: Carrie Fisher Jokes About Being Mrs. Solo, Ben Affleck "Glad" He’s Not Directing

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    Princess Leia, Han Solo, Star Wars
    Princess Leia, Han Solo, Star Wars Lucasfilm

    Strap yourself in: Carrie Fisher is more than ready to zip back to that galaxy far, far away.

    The Star Wars alum chatted with The Talk Tuesday about the rabidly anticipated new Star Wars movies in the wake of Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm, opening up candidly about how she feels about Princess Leia's return.

    Turns out, in Fisher's mind, the iconic sci-fi rebel leader never left.

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    "She's never been gone," Fisher said on the show. "As far as I know, she's been with me forever."

    She then cracked, "I like to think of it as ‘Old Leia,'—like, 'Sway-Backed Old Leia the Horse.' Or, 'Old Leia' the perfume—'Old Princess,' that royal smell."

    She also waxed poetic about domestic life as Han Solo's missus.

    "I like the idea of being Mrs. Solo, and we've just fought and fought and I killed him," she quipped.

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    Meanwhile, across the galaxy—or rather, across Tinseltown—self-avowed Star Wars nut Ben Affleck also weighed in on the new flicks, heaving a sigh of relief that he can watch from the sidelines as a fan.

    'I'm glad I don't have that job," the on-the-rise director told MTV, joking, "I'd be too busy worrying about how the action figures would look for each character to direct the actual movie. I'd be like, 'Oh, we'll just reshoot the movie with the action figures."

    Kidding aside, the Argo director couldn't be more amped up, saying that although "there might be purists who are opposed to it, I think it's a very cool thing, and I'm excited to go see the movie."

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    He's also sending out an early warning to the film's eventual director.

    "When it gets made, I'm going to be...calling in favors," he promises. "'Hey, it's Ben. Can me and my kid come to the premiere? Swing by, by any chance?'"

    Sounds like someone's ready to jump to lightspeed with that speed dial.

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