Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck
Oscars Show 2013, Ben Affleck

Age: 42; August 15, 1972

Ben Affleck has gone from rising star (as half of a wunderkind duo with Matt Damon) to gossip punch line (as half of Bennifer with Jennifer Lopez), only to return to Hollywood's good graces as his own man–an accomplished and Oscar-winning producer, director, writer and megastar.

As his Argo coproducer George Clooney put it, "Hollywood loves a comeback, and he's an unbelievable comeback kid."

The Academy Award winner who first wowed us all with Good Will Hunting definitely has some stinkers on his resume. Among the most stunning is Gigli, in which Affleck appeared with his one-time fiancée Jennifer Lopez. Both the film and relationship flopped spectacularly, with Bennifer calling the wedding off a mere four days before they were set to walk down the aisle.

Daredevil also proved a box office disappointment, but the spandex hero flick netted Affleck a gorgeous wife, Jennifer Garner (sparks few on the Daredevil set, though the couple met two years earlier on the set of Pearl Harbor), and seems to have been a turning point in both his personal life and career.

The Armageddon star took back the reigns of his career and got himself (mostly) out of the tabloids. With strong performances in such films as Hollywoodland (which earned him a Golden Globe nod), Affleck reminded Hollywood that he was still worth the fuss.

Once he got behind the camera with Gone Baby Gone, the world knew they had a triple-threat talent on their hands.

His directorial turn in The Town put to rest any doubts skeptics might have had about beginner's luck. And with his stellar performance both in front of and behind the camera in Best Picture winner Argo, Affleck–the family man with a gaggle of gorgeous kids and an enviable career–has secured his place as a star in the dazzling firmament of Hollywood.

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