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Jean-Paul Goude/V Magazine

Scarlett Johansson is all washed up—but we mean that in a really good way!

The actress puts her best—and very wet—face forward on the latest cover of V magazine as a way of reminding us that she plays Janet Leigh in the upcoming film, Hitchcock.

The flick, about the making of Psycho, finds Johansson having to recreate a certain iconic shower scene.

"We only had the luxury to shoot the scene for a day, and everybody was feeling very nervous because it involved water and nobody wants the actor to get wet," the 27-year-old told V. "They were concerned with modesty and all these things—but I don't care about any of that stuff and Janet Leigh never did either."

But Johannsson did admit that it was "terrifying" having costar Anthony Hopkins, who portrays the famed director, point a long kitchen knife in her face.

"Maybe I watched Silence of the Lambs too many times when I was a kid. Maybe I was having some flashbacks. So I didn't need too much preparation for the scene," the actress said.

Hitchcock, which also stars Jessica Biel, Toni Collette and Helen Mirren, opens in limited release on Nov. 23.

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