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Sarah Palin Slams Daughter Bristol's "Haters," Dresses in Flashdance Style

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Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin
Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin Miguel/Rocstar/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES; ABC/BOB D'AMICO

Sarah Palin isn't dancing around the recent threats to her kid Bristol.

The eldest Palin daughter is in Los Angeles competing on Dancing with the Stars All-Stars, and after a series of alleged death threats, the self-proclaimed "mama grizzly" took to her Facebook page to protect her cub and sound off on her daughter's "haters."

Bristol Palin sounds off on mom Sarah's Dancing With the Stars future

"I'm in California today to support Bristol. I'm sorry to see that she's again getting those annoying death threats and more 'mysterious white powder' sent to her while on DWTS this All-Star season," Palin wrote in Monday's post.

"These threats sure waste a lot of time, production and public resources; but do the haters really think this will stop Bristol and Mark and the show's producers from keepin' on keepin' on? Silly critics—after all these years of goofy antics like this we find these efforts are actually quite motivating! Bristol's not letting this get her down," Palin says before asking fans to vote for her daughter.

She closes her post by quoting what Bristol had to say about the whole affair: "Hey, the haters will hate anyway; the critics will criticize, so you might as well dance!"

Fellow dancer Apolo Ohno talks Bristol: It's all about the "controversy!"

Sarah Palin, Willow Palin Miguel/Rocstar/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

But just because Palin is in L.A. to support  Bristol, doesn't mean that the former Alaska governor hasn't taken a little time for herself.

The former reality-TV star stepped out Sunday with daughter Willow in Studio City, Calif., and mama bear was snapped shopping at Kmart, looking like she's bound to break into a flashdance at any minute.

As Palin and Willow waited in the check out line, the former vice presidential candidate was also caught catching up on the, er, news as she flipped through a copy of the National Enquirer.

Bristol and Mark share Dancing with the Stars backstage scoop

The conservative political figure (who appears to be flaunting a much slimmer frame) wore sky-high wedges, jeans and threw a cropped black off-the-shoulder shirt over her tank top to add a little '80s touch to her everyday look.

Kissing her conservative attire goodbye, the 48-year-old mom was barely recognizable as she and Willow stopped to get facials and manicures and ate lunch at a local KFC.

Even more odder than the roller derby getup? This month's Enquirer cover story, "Plastic Surgery Shockers," features supposed before-and-after photos of Bristol, according to the Huffington Post.

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