Jessica Biel

Move aside, Justin Timberlake. Jessica Biel's got a new cuddle buddy!

The 30-year-old bride-to-be shared a snuggle with her "55 pound blanket" last Tuesday, along with a WhoSay photo of herself and her pit bull, Tina, resting on the couch. #TuesdaysWithTina has become a regular thing for J.Biel, who today shared a WhoSay shot of Tina captioned "such a poser."

Fortunately, Biel's fiancé is a dog-lover, too. Back in 2009, Timberlake told Oprah Winfrey his pit bull-Lab mix, two boxers Buckley and Brennan and then-puppy Billy were always excited to greet him when he came home.

So casa de Biel-Timberlake is obviously a full house. Wonder who's the alpha dog?

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