Coco present's "Spartacus and Maximus" coming to a wherever calendars are sold in 2013, hopefully! On Friday Coco Tweeted:

Coco Bully Tweets X4 ILC

Sounds like Ice-T's wifey took a break from her usual offering of sexy self portraits and instead captured a spread of her "kids," for what we can only imagine will be the most sought after calendar of the season. Spartacus and Maximus took to twitter as well to confirm their #supermodellife status:

CoCo Bully Tweets Balls ICL

And why wouldn't Spartacus and Maximus get their own calendar? They're cute, cuddly and have any number of other outstanding qualities, as pointed out by their vet:

Coco Bullies Balls Tweet ILC

Keep your eyes peeled while holiday shopping this year, sounds like Coco is serving up the perfect gift for the bulldog-lover in your life.

Coco Calendar Tweet/Photo ILC
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