Shia LaBeouf

Daigoron / Splash News

Shia LaBeouf is so green, he's into eco-friendly trends you've probably never even heard of.

"Me and my girlfriend [Karolyn Pho] are getting ready to build an aquaponics farm up in Cambria," the Lawless star says. "Aquaponics is the future, dude."


"Aquaculture is the study of fish, and then hydroponics is the study of plants growing without soil," the Lawless star explained about the sustainable food growing system. "So when you marry those two things you wind up with an ecosystem."

LaBeouf elaborated further on how, through aquaponics, animals and plants can live together and grow by benefiting from each other's natural resources.

"Say you get a big tankful of 12 catfish and on top of it you put a floaty device that has holes in it," the 26-year-old actor said. "And you take a cup and poke a hole in that cup and put a seed in that cup and put it on top of that water. That will give you fruit forever and fish forever. You never have to change the water."

And don't be surprised if you soon see LaBeouf selling his eco-grown food at your local farmer's market. "It's amazing and it's not seasonal, so say you're growing cucumbers in a warehouse in the winter, that's money!" he laughed.

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