Britney Spears usually knows all the best pop dance moves, but when it came to "Gangnam Style," she needed some instruction.

Fortunately, Ellen DeGeneres surprised the new X Factor judge Monday with a personal lesson from Korean rapper and Internet sensation PSY.

Simon Cowell opted not to join in the dancing lesson, but Britney and Ellen were quite eager for a "Gangnam Style" tutorial. "You have to take your shoes off," Ellen told Britney, at first, pointing to her high-heeled nude pumps. "You're not going to be able to dance like that."

"No, this is fine," PSY interrupted. "Because the mindset of this dance is dress classy and dance cheesy…This is nice!"

PSY proceeded to patiently show Brit and Ellen the steps and hand motions to his signature dance. "Bounce like you're riding an invisible horse," he advised.

Both women picked up the moves pretty quickly, happily showing off their Gangnam Style to Ellen's cheering audience.

Heyyy, sexy ladies!

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