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One way to make sure people tune into your show? Bring in one of the world's biggest superstars!

This is exactly what Anderson Cooper did for the season premiere of Anderson Live, in which he welcomes Beyoncé as his first guest on the revamped talk show.

In a promo for the premiere, Anderson and Beyoncé have a little fun at his expense. Or should we say his infamous giggle's expense?

In the pretty cute 30-second clip, Beyoncé asks Anderson, "You gonna dance?" His response? "I don't know about that."

But what about laughing, Beyoncé slyly inquires, referring to his on-air giggle fits when attempting to deliver a report about Gérard Depardieu peeing on a plane and the obscure Polish American holiday called Dyngus Day. Anderson pretty much promises viewers he will be laughing a lot, noting that he sounds like a "12-year-old girl" when he does.

And, proving she's just like us, Anderso tells him, "We love it!" That we do, B. That we do.

Still, fans of the silver fox might just see him bust a move in the season two premiere, as Beyoncé says she will teach him to dance.

Anderson Live premieres Sept. 10, with Kristin Chenoweth serving as the guest cohost.

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