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Never have there ever been more superheroes that we've wanted to, well, see without their super suits. Sorry, we're not sorry! But even as our dirty minds visually remove capes and whatnot, this summer's selection of heroes is far more than just a crop of pretty faces.

The Avengers dominated box offices around the globe, and other comic-to-big screen fare like The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man more than held their own. But it wasn't all superheroes; we were treated to fairy-tale fighters and alien-bashing beefcakes too!

And so, pre-administering honorable mentions to the likes of Jeremy Renner (The Bourne Legacy) and Colin Farrell (Total Recall), we present our official list of Summer's Hottest Heroes:


Zade Rosenthal / Marvel Studios

1. Chris Hemsworth: Take your pick: He was a god (literally) among men in The Avengers. He was an ass-kicker and a name-taker in Snow White and the Huntsman. And he was a god (maybe not so literally) among other beach body-ready celebrities. The sword-wielding huntsman may have it good—including a potential sequel—but Thor has it all: Brains, brawn and that handy hammer of his.

The Dark Knight Rises

Ron Phillips/Warner Bros. Pictures

2. Anne Hathaway: Batman's (Christian Bale) name may be in the title, but Hathaway's Selina Kyle aka Catwoman stole the show in The Dark Knight Rises. Sure, you could argue the Occupy Wallstreet-esque burglar wasn't a goody two-shoed hero, but you can't deny—with her purring threats and spandex suit—she certainly was hot. Hey, President Barack Obama even loved her!

Taylor Kitsh, Battleship

Frank Masi/Universal

3. Taylor Kitsch: We hear you loud and clear: The former Friday Night Lights star's last three movies (John Carter, Savages and Battleship) haven't exactly been hits. OK, they mostly all flopped…badly. Kitsch still remains one of the sexiest stars of summer, though. We definitely would let him (and his six-pack) save us from aliens were Hasbro to attack our real world.

Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart

Universal Studios

4. Kristen Stewart: So she might not be the most adored woman in the world right now, but K.Stew still steals a spot as one of the hottest heroes of summer. Which might be what got her in trouble in the first place! But cheating scandals aside, Kristen's pure-as-snow Snow gave the deliciously wicked Charlize Theron a run for her money in Snow White and the Huntsman.

The Amazing Spiderman, Andrew Garfield

Columbia Pictures

5. Andrew Garfield: There was more than your fair share of people crying foul at the idea of rebooting everyone's favorite neighborhood Spider-Man. But when Andrew—previously best known for his stint in Social Network—hit the big screen, he left us saying, " Tobey Maguire who?!" It certainly didn't hurt that he had some killer biceps and even more lethally adorable chemistry with Emma Stone.

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