Tragedy struck in Hollywood Sunday night when True Romance director Tony Scott allegedly took his own life. Hear Jason Kennedy, Ken Baker and Melanie Bromley's reaction to the horrific news, and see how celebrities in Hollywood mourn his passing.

And from heartbreak in Hollywood to hotness in Las Vegas: Both Prince Harry and Ryan Lochte partied it up in Sin City over the weekend, and their abs were on full display for all the ladies! Get all the deets on exactly what the dudes were doing and find out if they got their flirt on!

Plus, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner all opt out of the final four official Twilight conventions, and naturally, Twi-hards have taken to Twitter in a tizzy. Get all the scoop on the Breaking Dawn press tour in the wake of the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal on today's Live From E!

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