George Michael

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George Michael is all better now (no thanks to those who prayed for his death), but in an interview with BBC Radio 2 he reveals that he "dodged a bullet" by surviving pneumonia.

The "Faith" singer and former Wham! member was forced to cancel the remainder of his tour last year after falling seriously ill. Now, he's revealing the complications he experienced during his battle, including losing his memory for five weeks.

"I took it for granted that I'd just fought off flu," Michael explained. "I went and played for another three weeks in Europe. And then one afternoon I was having lunch and suddenly felt really odd and said to everyone that I had to go and lay down for half an hour on my own."

What may have seemed to be nothing more than a common cold turned into a battle with pneumonia that left Michael in the hospital.

"That's the last thing I remember for five weeks," George continues. "It was three weeks of them trying to save my life and two weeks awake."

And while he survived the ordeal of being sick, he was left feeling not like himself.

"I think it takes a while to think that life is safe again," Michael confesses. "I literally had to learn to walk again and weird stuff, because when they keep you sedated for that long your muscles literally atrophy at an incredible rate. And I just woke up like this feeble old man."

Fortunately for him, he's back and better than ever, writing a dance-friendly song seemingly about the whole ordeal, "White Light" (the music video for which begins with a breathing machine and includes a mixture of hospital shots and, uh, Kate Moss).

And next up: The Olympics, where he'll perform at the closing ceremony!

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