Braison Cyrus, Twit Pic

Yes, that would be Braison Chance Cyrus holding a bucket of his own blood, so what the heck happened?!

A source confirms to E! News that Miley Cyrus' younger brother had a health scare and was taken to the hospital for an "emergency surgery" Saturday night.

Before you get into a panic, 18-year-old Braison is OK. Here are the deets...

Braison tweeted that, "I got my tonsils out last week. Not sure what happened exactly but long story short my artery opened and I was bleed a lot. All good now."

What a mouthful!

"This was yesterday. Everything is O K now and he is home...but @ was bleeding badly!," father Billy Ray Cyrus' tweeted, "Thanking God and all the fine doctors nurses and staff at Providence Saint Joseph hospital. Been a wild 24 hours but bringing my son home."

Papa Cyrus continued with the tweets and thanked everyone for their well wishes, "Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers for . He's doing better. Who said gettin your tonsils out wasn't dangerous?"

Yeah, seriously.

—Reporting by Ken Baker

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