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When it comes to comedies on television, it should be as simple as: Does this show make us laugh?

Alas, when it comes time for Emmy nominations, so many other things are considered. Was there emotional weight this season? Was the writing consistent? Did the comedy come organically or in a forced format? How buzzworthy was the show this year? Those are the questions you can ask yourself as you look over our list of Best Comedy Series contenders, or you can go by the old standby: Did this show crack me up?

Emmy nominations will be announced July 19, so now is the time to tell us your predictions. The big awards of the night come at the end, when Best Comedy Series and Best Drama Series Emmys are given out. Modern Family has been cleaning up lately, but is there a show on this list that can knock them out?

Check out our gallery of Emmy Contenders for Best Comedy Series, and then come back and vote in our poll. Only six shows get the nod, and if we value anyone's opinions, it's our readers'. What do you guys think? New Girl? Happy Endings? Girls? It's a tough category, so peruse the gallery carefully!