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Sterling Cooper Draper Price is flying high since Joan landed the Jaguar account, but will things stay rosy on Madison Avenue? Will Lane's secret destroy everything?

Did you think Joan prostituting herself last week on Mad Men was shocking? That doesn't even come close to what happened tonight! Find out what happened now:


Long Road Home: Lane Pryce's (Jared Harris) financial indiscretion finally caught up with him. Don (Jon Hamm) is gracious and lets him resign, but tragically Lane can't cope with the humiliation and he hangs himself. It was heartbreaking to see Lane completely unable to tell his wife that he was leaving SCDP. And he even stayed mum when she surprised him with a Jaguar. The irony being he couldn't kill himself with said new Jaguar. This stealing money storyline had been bubbling under the surface for a while, but we had no clue it would boil over like this.

Gabbing Girlfriends: Sally (Kiernan Shipka) can rail against her frigid mother, but when it comes down to it, after getting her first period she really just needed her mother. Sally seems to be trying to grow up fast by drinking coffee, talking about boys with Megan (Jessica Paré) and trying to catch the eye of longtime-friend Glen (Marten Weiner). But it's not coffee that marks her puberty in this episode, but her first period. Betty (January Jones) has moments when she is a very good mother. Granted they are often canceled out by her terrible moments, but deep inside there is a caring woman and it's nice to see Sally let her embrace that. 

The Old Don Draper: Don is sick of working hard for little clients, he wants the whole enchilada. The old Don is back with a vengeance when he tells their "Moby Dick" of an account that they should move their business to SDCP. Roger notices the difference between the old Don and the New Don and he is aching for the old shark to come back. 


"Fine! I'll leave you locked in a trunk!" —Betty

"You'll tell them that it didn't work out because it didn't. You'll tell them the next thing will be better because it always is." —Don

"I don't want Jaguar, I want Chevy. I don't want Mohawk, I want American. I don't want Dunlop, I want Firestone." —Don

"You used to love no. No used to make you hard." —Roger

"Did you eat or did you just drink?" —Megan

"It's cognac. It settles the stomach." —Lane

"I told Betty and Henry to take their ski vacation and shove it." —Sally

"What is happiness? It's the moment before you need more happiness." —Don

Were you shocked by Lane's suicide? Could Don have done anything differently? Sound off in the comments!

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