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Still trying to recover from the House series finale? Hoping for more bromantic bike-riding moments between House and Wilson? We just might get it…in the form of a House movie!

Creator David Shore talked to us about the possibility of House on the big screen, plus we got some Glee fans who felt a little let down after the season-three finale, so we've got something that might cheer them up. All that, plus Happy Endings, Psych, Pretty Little Liars and more in today's Spoiler Chat…

Jen: House ended wonderfully. Do you know if there's any chance for a movie? I'd like to see how House ended up.
Creator David Shore would be the man to ask about that, and what do you know, we did! "Yeah, I don't know why not," he tells us about the possibility of doing a House movie. "I'm not going to say not to that, so sure. I don't have a plot yet." Can it just involve House and Wilson's adventures over the five months Wilson has left to live? And now we're crying again. 

Lauren: I think its unfair that the viewers didn't get any hints about Kurt's postgraduation plans during the Glee finale after his rejection to NYADA. Do you have any hints what the future holds for Kurt?
We have a very strong feeling that Kurt (Chris Colfer) will find himself in New York City next season as well. And we also have a very strong feeling that Blaine will also be apart of his postgrad plans, since Darren Criss will definitely be around next year.

Delilah: Will you guys give us a list of summer tv premiere dates?
We are working on it at this very moment. Right after we finish our mani-pedis and get back from our trip to the beach. Happy summer!

Melissa: Have any juicy scoop to share about the new season of Pretty Little Liars?
Aria won't be the only one dealing with parental drama anymore! Viewers will meet Ezra's mother, Dianne, in season three, who is extremely wealthy and beautiful. Mama Fitz is set to recur throughout the season. 

Casey Wilson and Adam Pally, Happy Endings


Tessa: Happy Endings has an unaired episode running this summer, correct? Weeeee!
You are correct, young grasshopper. Why did we just call you that? No reason. Anyway, the unaired episode is the big dodgeball episode, and when we chatted with the Happy Endings cast a couple of months back, they all agreed it was one of their favorites of the season. We'd complain that they should have run it during the season, but we're just happy we'll be seeing it at all. 

Erin8: Please tell me they didn't kill off Henry on Psych!
As you wish: They didn't kill off Henry on Psych! In fact, he recovers enough to disappear in season seven's "No Country for Two Old Men." Also MIA? Juliet's stepfather, Lloyd, who, like her father (the incomparable William Shatner), has a criminal past. It's a good thing Juliet chose a career in law enforcement, eh?  

Matt: Californication spoilers, if you please.
You know what's extra awesome about Maggie Grace (Lost) coming to Californication as a music groupie? Another groupie! And they live together! That's right, Faith (Grace) will have a very "enthusiastic" roommate in the new season who's also very into the rock-star crowd. Nothing can go wrong with two groupies living together, right?

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, Drusilla Moorhouse and Christina Dowling

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