Genevieve Sabourin


Here's one instance where the "block sender" email button could've come in handy for Alec Baldwin.

The New York Daily News is reporting that the woman accused of stalking him, Genevieve Sabourin, was utterly crushed after learning of the star's engagement last month to girlfriend Hilaria Thomas—and allegedly sent him a crestfallen email to let him know exactly how she felt.

But what did she supposedly say in it?

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Per the paper, Sabourin, who appeared in a Manhattan court earlier this week on charges of aggravated harassment and stalking, reportedly fired off an email to Baldwin on April 2 in which she wrote, "I just died."

She also allegedly called the 30 Rock star's engagement "painful for me and so destructive" and added, "I'll never be this candid little smiling/giving/nice...naive and caring blonde girl next door, she died on the stepping stone in front of your house."

The paper also reports that before the engagement, Sabourin, 40, purportedly sent Baldwin, 54, an email on March 20 claiming she'd try to befriend Thomas, a yoga instructor, by using a fake alias.

"I will change my name and take yoga classes you know where and I'll become HLT best friend, faster then [sic] you know," she allegedly wrote. "I'll use her ego."

Sabourin reportedly sent another email that day giving Baldwin a heads up about her trip to New York: "I'm coming to NY!!!!...I'm not afraid of loosing all because I already did."

Sabourin's lawyer, Maurice Sercarz, tells the Daily News that his client "had no intent to harass, annoy or alarm Mr. Baldwin" with the emails in question.

The French-Canadian actress was busted last month on aggravated harassment and stalking charges after she allegedly showed up outside Baldwin's homes in Manhattan and the Hamptons, turned up at an event he hosted at Lincoln Center, and repeatedly sent him "a series of annoying and unsolicited communications."

On Monday, a Manhattan judge extended an order of protection by another two months prohibiting Sabourin from having any contact with Baldwin.

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