Eddie Fisher

It might be too late to apologize, but it's not too late to claim his innocence.

OneRepublic drummer Eddie Fisher pleaded not guilty today to assault, destruction of private property, wrongs to a minor and two counts of disturbing the peace after his girlfriend filed charges in Denver yesterday alleging he threw her down during a fight, according to The Denver Post.

The musician was freed on $550 bond.

Girlfriend Lonnie Weygant posted on her Facebook, "I cannot ask the media enough to respect my situation and children in all this mess. While this is all very exciting for the public eye it is truly hard to swallow for me and my kids. All I can ask is that you give us the space needed to get past this difficult time."

Weygant wouldn't discuss the nature of the argument, but described what happened to with Denver's Fox 31 News.

"Things just got out of hand and he snapped…and my entire cabinets are ripped off from my walls. I had my feet up against the wall trying not to let him in, and he busted through the door and he pushed me through the cabinets."

Meanwhile, The Denver Post reports that Fisher told police Lonnie had hit him in the head and took his dog.

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