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We're calling it: Snow White and the Huntsman has the best cast ever.

Sure, we love our Hunger Games crew (kisses, Jennifer Lawrence) and the Twilight gang will always have a special place in our hearts (we didn't forget you, Robert Pattinson), but, with all the SWATH press this week, Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth have stolen the title. And all the glory that comes with it.

Take, for example, their recent Unscripted interview with Moviefone. To say that hilarity ensued when these three were unleashed is an understatement. Take, for example, our five favorite (expletive filled!) quotes:

1. "F--k Me! F--k Me! F--k Me!": Sure, there were some heartwarming moments (K.Stew said she wants to be besties with Bella Swan!), but we were way more into this moment: "Every time Kristen Stewart, right before she starts a take, she basically goes through this very peaceful mantra to get her going," Charlize revealed. "Which is 'F--k me, f--k me, f--k me!'"

And then we scored some girl-on-girl silliness: Charlize quipped, "The first time that happened, I actually thought you were asking me to f--k you!" To which K.Stew responded, "You always think I'm doing that!" Hmmm…besties or a little sexual tension? LOL, who cares! We adore these two.

2. "I Initially Just Hated You and Wanted to Kill You": "We didn't have to improve together too much," Kristen uncomfortably explains when she's put on the spot to ask her costars a question. "No, not so much," Charlize seemingly innocently agreed, before dropping this doozy, "I initially just hated you and wanted to kill you."

Evil queen indeed! Though it may explain a few other choice comments made during the interview, like when Kris introduced Char and Chris, to which Charlize inquired "Why do you look like you just smelled a fart when you said our names?" Not to mention that whole Kristen punching Chris story…

3. "Get In Your Seat and Put Your Seatbelt on Now. We're Going to Die!": You'd think "Who do you like better: Kristen Stewart or Chris Hemsworth?" would be a tough question for Charlize, but not so: "That's a fabulous question. I was really hoping you would ask that, and if you didn't I was just going to talk about it anyway."

Which sparked this hilarious story about their first meeting on the way to Comic-Con: "I was like riding the plane and she was like—" Kristen said, switching from surfer gal to clutching her chair to mimic Charlize's fear of flying. To which Char shrieked, "Get in your seat and put your seatbelt on now. We're going to die! That's a great way to meet your fellow actors…she's f--king crazy!"

4. "I'm a Crazy Cat Lady!": Listen up, Robsten fans! Because this is where you can score some subliminal Robert Pattinson lovin'. While London should practically be a home away from home for K.Stew (R.Pattz's fam does live there, after all), one inquiring questioner wanted to know what Kristen missed most about shooting across the pond in Europe.

"Again…ugh, I'm a crazy cat lady!" Kristen adorably replied, seeming very embarrassed. "My cat. And my dog too, but desperately my cat." Cue Charlize with a hilarious quip: "More your cat than your dog? Wow. Your dog's going to watch this and not be happy." And cue us, showering Bear (the pooch) with love from afar. He can't be too unhappy, right? He's got the Twilight duo as his parents!

5. "You're F--king Kristen Stewart!": Does this one even need explaining?! We'll keep it short and simple: Charlize said it's the reason K.Stew can do anything. And it's true.

Check out the full interview for even more amazing quotes from the cast. And then come back to the comments and let us know whether you agree with our decree that this is, in fact, the best cast H'wood has ever assembled.

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