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Dear Mark and Lexie fans, don't worry. We've heard your Spoiler Chat battle cry demanding information on your favorite Grey's Anatomy couple, and we've got your Slexie-lovin' backs. 

Aside from some Grey's Anatomy romance scoop, we've got intel on a fan favorite's return to Once Upon a Time (hint: he's the hottest TV sheriff ever, in our humble opinion) and some behind-the-scenes scoop on Glee's recent trip to New York City.

Plus, we've got scoop on Vampire Diaries finale flashback, Teen Wolf's star-crossed lovers, Smash's Marilyn switch and more! So what are you waiting for? Spoiler Chat yo'self, people!

Carrie: After this week's cliffhanger on House, I need any scoop I can get my hands on.
Next week's episode, poignantly titled "Holding On," includes the return of Thirteen, for starters. But we bet you're more interested in the whole Wilson cancer situation, right? Sorry, it's still a struggle for us to talk about, but here it goes: Wilson makes a firm decision about his treatment that very much angers his best friend, House. And the ways House tries to change Wilson's mind will absolutely move you…to uncontrollable tears. Until something ruins the moment, per usual. But it's the very end of the episode you'll want to stick around for, because that's when the knife in the hearts of House-Wilson fans will really begin to twist. Lord, bear us strength!

Love4LeaM: Anything about Rachel and her plans to get a second chance at her NYADA audition?
Rachel is fully prepared to go to any place necessary to get her shot at making it in New York. And we mean "place" in both the physical and mental aspect.

kurtblaine_: Anything on Kurt and Blaine in the finale?
Just remember that Kurt and Blaine are not your average teenage couple, so it's very possible that their post-high school relationship decision will reflect just that.

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James: Got any scoop on The Vampire Diaries finale? Is there more to Elena and Jeremy's parents' deaths than we actually know about?
"That was an accident. Period. End of story. There was no supernatural influence," Julie Plec says of the car accident take took Elena's parents lives. "[The finale] is not about peeling back a layer of the mythology onion." Still, fans can expect to learn something from the flashbacks. "We will actually get a little flash of something else that happened during that time that we never even really considered." Any guesses?

elainecorrea1: Can you please, please, please share some Grey's Anatomy scoop with us? Is there still hope for Lexie and Mark?
The truth is we can only exist in a world where there is hope for Mark and Lexie, so leave us to our fluffy Grey's cloud made of cotton candy and Slexie. From Jesse Williams' perspective, it is definitely a possibility: "She said she didn't have feelings, he knew better and went against what she said, and it's playing out to be true." And he says it'll continue to be the elephant in the room. We'll take that as hope.  

NutCase: Can you tell me more about Jamie Dornan's appearance on OUAT? Missed him soooo much!!
Some might call this an obvious tease, but cocreator Edward Kitsis would only say, "Jamie is back and he's more handsome than ever, so get ready! He's extra handsome in this one!" Adam Horowitz adds, "We love Jamie, and we're very excited to see him back in this finale." Preach!

Mary Beth: Can't wait for season two of Teen Wolf! Anything you can tell me about my favorite couple Scott and Allison?
"Their relationship is a lot more mature," Tyler Posey says of Scott and Allison's ship in season two. Crystal Reed adds," They have to hide the face that they're in love and also that there's all these other problems that they're dealing with." One problem viewers won't see the couple face? Intimacy issues! "They have sex!" Posey reveals.


Will Hart/NBC

Felicia R.: After this week's Smash, I need to know if the finale will show who is playing Marilyn once and for all! It's driving me crazy!
Yes, the episode begins with someone making their way to the stage as Marilyn, but then the episode flashes back, and you won't know who it is in the spotlight until the end. But we can promise you it is Karen or Ivy and not another surprise guest star. And we insist you tune in for the finale, because it's a good one and sets up a very intriguing second season.

taylorth7: Is Pan Am getting renewed?
Oh, honey. We hate to be the ones that have to break this to you, but it would be practically a walking-on-water style miracle if Pam Am came back next season. There, there, don't cry. In fact, if it's nostalgia and period costumes you crave, we have a suggestion. White Heat premieres on BBC America tonight. It starts in 1965 London and follows a group of friends until present day. It has great actors and messy romances bookended by timely politics, and it might get your mind off the Pan Am loss.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Drusilla Moorhouse

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