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Ready for Nationals, Gleeks?!

New Directions certainly is, and we've got an exclusive first look at someone who will be partly responsible for the fate of our favorite Glee kids...

Perez Hilton, Glee

That's the one and only Perez Hilton waving to the crowd while being introduced as one of the judges in the May 15 episode, taking place at Nationals in Chicago. We still have two other judges to meet: Entourage and Suburgatory favorite Rex Lee, and Lindsay Lohan Perhaps you've heard of her?

Sources say Lohan and the judges have some funny moments together, including her being disappointed that she doesn't get a red chair that whips around like on The Voice.

Other things to look forward to during the two-part special, "Props" and "Nationals":

Glee's back-to-back episode extravaganza airs May 15 on Fox!

What do you think of your first look at Nationals? Think the judging panel will give New Directions the win?

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