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Does it really matter that Phillip Phillips has a girlfriend? Will Joshua Ledet sell records with that amazing voice of his? Is Hollie Cavanagh staging a comeback? Did it matter that Jessica Sanchez belted "Proud Mary" in a too-tight dress? Is Skylar Laine winning as many hearts as Jennifer Lopez says she is?

Here's how the results played out on tonight's American Idol:

Joshua: Safe! Duh!

Phillip: No one is holding the girlfriend thing against him. Safe!

Jessica: For better or worse, the fans obviously didn't mind that the 16-year-old was dressed like a 25-year-old last night.

Hollie and Skylar: They landed in the bottom two for the umpteenth time. Once again, Jimmy Iovine's astute but ultimately unheeded observations included that Phillip should have been in the bottom two and that Hollie did a better Tina Turner than Jessica did.

Jimmy did say, however, that Skylar—as fiery and self-possessed as she already was—needed to do more to get this competition in the bag.

Alas, she won't have the chance, because she went home tonight.

As the judges gave her a standing ovation, Skylar and Hollie shared a long, half-sad, half-relieved hug in front of Ryan Seacrest.

"Rock it out," the departing hopeful told Hollie, who nodded.

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