American Idol Love Match! Alums Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young Open Up About Their Relationship

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    Meet American Idol's first official couple.

    Just weeks after going public as a twosome, Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young spoke to E! News about cohabitating, making music together and whether marriage and kids are in their future.

    So, how did this coupling begin in the first place?

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    Although the pair bonded over their Idol connection, the romance sparked when they starred together in Hair on Broadway (and got naked on stage for a couple of nude scenes) two years ago.

    "We got to do the revival of Hair in New York together. It was awesome. I mean, instantly, we were best friends and we had to go through something together that was already life-changing—doing a show with such depth to it. And also doing things on stage that we had never done before, like disrobing," Young told us.

    "It was like takin' out for a test drive almost, before you had to purchase it," 24-year-old DeGarmo quipped about her "hunky" significant other.

    When Hair was over, DeGarmo scored a role in Hairspray, which took her to Los Angeles, where Young was residing.

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    "[She] kept saying, 'Should I look for place?' And I said, ‘Listen. Get here. Settle in. And if you want a place, I'll help you find a place,' " said Young, 31, who has signed DeGarmo to his record label, Young Brothers Entertainment, and is the singer-actress's vocal producer.

    And it looks like their cohabitation is working out...specifically when it comes to household chores.

    "As far as being messy…she just has more stuff. And she's been very, very good at getting rid of the things she doesn't need," a proud Ace told us.

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    So, will we see this talented pair walk down the aisle any time soon?

    While the couple is focusing on making beautiful music together (literally), it looks like we'll just have to wait for Idol's first wedding, but that's not saying it won't ever happen.

    "If things work, they work," said Ace. "And we've worked for quite some time and I don't want anything else right now."

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