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    Ashley Olsen Extends Romantic Vacay

    Ashley Olsen, Justin Bartha Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images; Amy Graves/Getty Images

    While Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen may not be feeling the sisterly love right now, it seems that Ash is making up for that absence with beau Justin Bartha. J.B., who is best known for his mildly entertaining performances in the National Treasure flicks, is currently in Sin City filming his next movie, where A came to meet him for a hot weekend, in so many respects. Ms. O fulfilled her girlfriend duties by visiting him on-set and the two have continued to spend the week gallivanting around L.V.

    From their makeout sesh on the Jet dance floor this weekend to the Beatles LOVE show they caught Sunday night, these two are def in that fun, pre-eggshell stage that so often accompanies a four-month romance. Isn't it always month No. 5 when the warts, farts and flirting tarts start ruining it all? Of course, it is. No need to answer.

    The perky demi-pair spent Tuesday at Tao Beach where all kinds of naughtiness takes place (trust us), and then hit up the Jersey Boys musical that night.

    A-doll donned a cashmere, gray sweater and blue jeans. A little covering for the Vegas heat, doncha think? Probably hiding massive amounts of hickies, 'cause the two are shacking up in the über-swanky penthouse suite at Caesars Palace. Not too shabby for a dude who relies on IMDb for any fame recognition. Then again, J-doll dated socialite Lydia Hearst last year, so maybe he's getting accustomed to this posh lifestyle.

    Be careful, Ash, once you get to that one-year itch, make sure you let the boy down easy. We don't want to see any public outbursts like the ones that followed when Hearst dropped Bartha as fast as David Katzenberg moved on from your sis.

    —Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder